School Journey to Kingswood

The countdown to the school journey has begun! We head off to Overstrand next month and this page is the place where parents of pupils in Cedar class will find useful information to help you prepare before the trip and our daily updates from Norfolk once the children's adventure begins.

Click here for the timetable of acivities for the week


They got into the bus two by two...

A speedy journey, picnic on the bus, great tour of the site before the groups split to take part in Laser Quest, Buggy Building and Low Ropes. Wet but nothing a change of clothes and a massive dinner wouldn't make better! The torrential rain has meant that we've swapped indoor Quiz with the planned outside mini Olympics - a decision heartily approved of by everyone!!!



Just singing and dancing in the rain...

When life gives you oranges we make orange juice and when life sends you rain we embrace the chance to show how resilient (and waterproof) we are!!! Under the leaden Norfolk skies we've climbed and built and climbed and bounced and climbed and faced evil squirrels and climbed... you get the idea! Fortunately we had a fabulous night's sleep and we've managed to eat enough to power a steam train!!! 



A morning without rain!!!!

Who would have thought that a grey ‘dry’ sky would be so enthusiastically welcomed?!?
The children slept well again and ate a hearty breakfast and are making us so proud with their positive, can do attitudes. A morning of bouldering, climbing ropes and shelter making were all conducted in the dry and we loved it!!! There was a sense of déjà vu as the rain returned for the afternoon but nothing can dampen our spirits!!!!



Busy, busy, busy!

Another day full of activities - we've abseiled, problem solved, made shelters (a task that seemed very appropriate given the weather this week) been archers and very excitingly made it onto the beach!!! The children continue to amaze us with their lengthy sleeps - we needed to sing very loudly to wake them this morning - and their excellent appetites! 
Finally, on behalf of the children I'd like to say a massive thank you for the letters you wrote to them. They made the children laugh, shed a few tears, shake their heads in disbelief but mostly they made them remember how much they loved their families and how much they were looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow! 
It's been a brilliant week, full of memorable moments and the children can't wait to give you a hug and tell you all about them.
See you tomorrow!!!!



The journey's end.

Just enough time to fit in another few activities and some farewell photos before we set off for home. It's been an amazing week and although we'll miss Kingswood, we take away fantastic memories and a whole new level of understanding of what our children can achieve - especially when the going gets tough!! 
As you know, we have incredible children at Hunsdon, but this week they have excelled themselves and I can not put into words how very proud we are to be part of their journeys.